My photos of planes which crashed later or were written off

TypeReg.CompanyDate of
Date of
Boeing 777-2009M-MRDMalaysia Airlines 29.03.199817.07.2014 crashed in the Ukraine Link
Tupolev 154 M101Polish Air Force 08.10.200410.04.2010 crashed on approach to Smolensk North Ar Base Link
Tupolev 154 MRA-85787Kolavia 28.12.200224.01.2010 Aircraft was leased to Taban Air in 2006. Crashed-landed at Mashad operating a flight for Taban Air Link
Airbus A310-3007O-ADJYemenia 16.08.2003
30.06.2009 crashed into sea while on approach to Moroni, Comores Link
Airbus A330-200F-GZCPAir France 23.03.2006
01.06.2009 crashed into Atlantic Ocean Link
Boeing 737-800TC-JGETurkish Airlines 11.08.200525.02.2009 crash-landed at Amsterdam Link
Lockheed C-130H Hercules1212UAE Air Force 199205.08.2008 w/o at Kabul after skidding off runway after landing Link
MD 80-83SU-BOYAMC Aviation 08.08.200410.11.2007 damaged beyond repair at Istanbul during ermergency landing en route Sharm El Sheik - Warsaw Link
Iljushin 76 MDEW-78826Trans Avia Export 30.11.199609.03.2007 burned out at Mogadishu Airport after being hit by a rocket during final approach Link
Airbus A310-300F-OGYPS7 Airlines (Sibir) 11.02.200609.07.2006 crash-landed at Irkutsk Link
DHC-2 BeaverD-FVIPHimmelsschreiber GmbH 24.08.2005
Hamburg Hafen
02.07.2006 Absturz im Hamburger Hafen
Airbus A320-200EK-32009Armavia 18.09.2004
03.05.2006 crashed into the Black Sea Link
Boeing 747-200 CZS-OOSHydro Air Cargo 18.02.200129.11.2003 crash-landed at Lagos Link
Antonov 12UR-LIPVolare 02.06.2000
07.02.2002 crashed near Agadir Link
MD 87SE-DMASAS 11.09.199908.10.2001 crashed during takeoff at Milan-Linate Link
Boeing 727-2007O-ACWYemenia 24.06.1994
01.08.2001 crashed during landing at Asmara Link
Boeing 747-200TJ-CABCameroon Airlines 05.08.2000
05.11.2000 written off after landing accident at Paris-CDG Link
Airbus A310-300D-AHLBHapag-Lloyd 24.05.199612.07.2000 crashed landed at Vienna Link
Avro RJ 70TC-THLTurkish Airlines 17.05.199722.04.2000 damaged beyond repair after runway overrun at Siirt Link
ATR 42F-OHFVSi-Fly 03.10.199912.11.1999 crashed into mountain in Kosovo Link
Boeing 767-300SU-GAPEgyptair 11.01.199831.10.1999 crashed into atlantic ocean Link
Airbus A300-600A6-PFDAbu Dhabi Amiri Flight 20.08.199824.03.1999 overshoot due to braking failure at Rhodes Link
Ilyushin 62 MYR-IRDTAROM 23.07.199324.04.1998 damaged beyond repair as one engine exploded before takeoff at Istanbul Link
Boeing 747-100HZ-AIHSaudia 02.199212.11.1996 mid-air collision with another aircraft near Delhi Link
Boeing 757-2008P-GULCaribbean Airways
(leased from Birgenair)
Ende 199406.02.1996 became Birgenair TC-GEN 31.03.1995; crashed into sea operating as Birgenair for Alas Nacionales Link
Shorts SkyvanOE-FDLPink Aviation Services 07.10.1993
07.06.1995 crashed at Hohenems Link
DHC 8-300D-BEATDLT August 199106.01.1993 landing accident at Paris - CDG Link


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